We are California fine art wedding photographers and videographers based out of the San Francisco Bay Area and san luis obispo!

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Q: What's the advantage to hiring you both for photo and video?

A: One, photographers and videographers need a lot of the same shots, so communication is key. Not getting in each others shots, letting the other person step in, and being able to know what the other person needs in that moment, all factor into the photos and video footage you’ll be receiving. As a husband and wife team who has worked together for years, this is easy for us! We aren’t out for ourselves and the shot we need, instead, we help each other get the best shots possible. Two, there’s only one contract and one travel fee. And three, our work is cohesive. Your photos and video footage will all have a similar aesthetic to them. We see light the same and shoot at similar creative angles, so this helps make your end products mesh well.

Q: You're a husband and wife team? you actually like working together?

A: We get this question a lot from married couples who don't work together, and our answer is YES! We love spending as much time together doing anything we love. A lot of people say they could never work with their significant other, but we love it!

Q: What type of equipment do you use and do you shoot film?

A: For photography, we shoot with Nikon digital cameras and prime lenses and our Contax 645, tons of film, and more!! For videography, we shoot with Sony cameras and lenses. 

Q: We are working really hard on putting together a unique and detailed wedding and would love to get it published. Have you been published before?

A: Awesome! The more details the better! I love it already! Yes I have been published on Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes and many more wedding blogs!! Check out my PRESS page to see all the places I've been featured. If you'd like to have your wedding featured, we can work together to make that happen!

Q: Do you travel to photograph weddings?

A: YES YES & YES!! We love traveling and shooting weddings in new places. Please don't hesitate to inquire with me even if you aren't getting married in California! We’ve been to Georgia, Canada, Hawaii, and Italy for weddings and shoots!

Q: What are the albums like that you offer?

A: I offer high quality, durable 8x8 parent albums and 12x12 albums for my clients. They have suede or leather covers with thick, layflat pages with no seam and are embossed with your names on the front. They are beautifully crafted! {Images of a sample album are above}

Q: What's involved in booking our wedding/photo session?

A: First, email me with all your wedding date information, and we can talk pricing and packages :) Then to book your date and ensure that I will be photographing your wedding, a contract and deposit are required. I book on a first come, first serve basis, upon receipt of a signed contract along with the deposit. For booking lifestyle sessions, a deposit is required along with a signed contract in order to book your session fully. If you'd like to book your wedding or session, email me at, party@the-poffs.com to get a copy of the contract.

Q: How many edited pictures will we be getting from you?

A: From a 1.5 hour portrait session, you will get about 80-110 carefully edited images. From an 8 hour wedding, you will get about 500-800 carefully edited images. Every session and wedding is different, so this isn't a guarantee just an average.

Q: Can other people take pictures while you're taking pictures?

A: I prefer if guests refrain from taking pictures (with a point-and-shoot, DSLR camera, or phone) during any posed shots, like bridal party or bride & groom. The other cameras flash may effect my photos or may distract the people in the photo to look another way. As a general rule, I do not allow guests to shadow us on weddings. We reserve the right to kindly tell a guest these rules. I also ask that guests don't stand in or near the aisle during the ceremony, as that could affect me getting "the" picture or not.

Q: We aren't sure if we want an engagement session or not, do you think we should?

A: I think it's a great idea for multiple reasons. During the time spend together for your engagement session, we get to know each other, laugh, and share stories. You two will become comfortable with me and being in front of my camera. By the wedding day, we won't be strangers and you two will be totally ok with me taking SO many pictures of you :) I also get to see how you two interact and the best ways to photograph you, ultimately giving you even better pictures on your big day! You can see all my previous engagement sessions by clicking here

Q: Can we edit any of the pictures you give us?

A: The answer is no and here is why. There are so so many reasons why I say that. Reason #1, I spend days and days editing your images to perfection. Reason #2, you hire me for my style, in both posing and editing, so I have to assume you like my editing style and don't want to change a thing. Reason #3, I'm not just a service and a person who owns a nice camera, I'm an artist with a style of my own who wants my work to be shown to friends and family as I see it. Reason #4, you wouldn't buy a finished painting and then paint over it now would you? :)