Sponsors:  Smart Albums ,  Photovision ,  Redtree Albums ,  Hold Fast , & Photomechanic //

Sponsors: Smart Albums, Photovision, Redtree Albums, Hold Fast, & Photomechanic //

Danielle Poff Workshop

Come hang with me for TWO days and we will discuss anything and everything; I'm an open book! We will cover branding, social media, finding & seeing light, networking, attracting your ideal client, how I hustled to get where I am today, organizing styled shoots, getting published, a portfolio review, shooting film & hybrid & how to transition, editing & workflow & being efficient with your time, client interaction, how to shoot to get what you want, lots of film talk, & lastly, 2 shoots, and speakers. These workshops are best for photographers with full knowledge of their camera and some experience with weddings and/or portrait sessions. Follow ups after the workshop with each attendee is also included.

If you’re interested in keeping up to date with future workshops, please email me
// party@the-poffs.com // so I can add you to my mailing list.

Next workshop: Summer 2019- BAy Area, CA

Workshops will be announced on Facebook & Instagram.



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Livermore, CA workshop 2015

Love letters from workshop attendees:

Madeline // Before Danielle’s Poff’s workshop, I found myself at a point in my photography career where I knew I needed to challenge myself further and spend a day learning with fellow photographers. As someone who is fairly new to the professional photography world, I was excited to finally surround myself with other creatives who had the same goals as myself. When I booked my seat at Danielle’s workshop I knew that the entire day would be an investment toward my career, but I didn’t realize just how important this day would be to me. Danielle is a super talented and accomplished photographer, but she was also very welcoming and comforting to all the participants the entire day. From vulnerable business questions, to in-field camera setting tips during the styled shoot, Danielle was always eager and happy to help. After the workshop I not only went home with a head full of knowledge and tasks to immediately work on, I also went home with 10 new photographer friends and a mentor that I can call on when needed.  I have already seen an immediate change to my business thanks to this amazingly beautiful workshop.  I finally feel ready to take on the photography career that I’ve always imagined!

Karis // Danielle's workshop was an amazing investment in my business! She was so welcoming and happy to share her honest advice and creative process with us! I learned so much about shooting, editing, light, and strengthening my portfolio and my brand! I would most definitely recommend Danielle's workshops to anyone looking to grow their creativity and their business!!! 

Andrea // My experience at Danielle Poff Photography Workshop was nothing short of life changing. I felt as though I had gotten to a certain point in my career as a budding photographer and I needed a boost. Her workshop was that serious boost I needed. Between lighting, editing, marketing, branding, we discussed everything. Danielle was very open, honest, and professional. She made me feel incredibly comfortable to ask any questions. I strongly felt just after 8 hours, I had some amazing tools to take away to not only develop my own style, improve my editing, but also how to attract the ideal client(s) I want. The day was very organized, flowed well, and the styled shoots blew my mind. Happy to be walking away with having learned so much and 8 new wonderful friends to to keep in touch and continue to bounce ideas off of each other. I learned a ton. If I could describe how the day made me feel in one word it would be empowered. She gave me the tools to become the photographer I've always dreamed of becoming and helped me realize the potential I have inside of me.

Ashleigh // Walking into Danielle's workshop I wasn't sure what to expect, but when I left I had a whole new outlook on photography; not only the technical shooting side but the creative side behind branding and what it takes to build a business. I learned so much from editing to posing to quick workflow, and I took away little tips that I will keep with me forever! Danielle was extremely attentive and answered any questions that we threw at her! she is absolutely amazing and I am positive I just made a lifelong friend, not just in her but in all the wonderful girls that attended!

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