Claire & Travis! San Luis Obispo, CA

Yesterday I received my new camera (Canon 5D Mark ii, for those of you who are interested) in the mail! So of course I was feeling antsy to use it. I asked some friends if I could take their pictures, and Claire responded saying her and Travis would be interested! We met up at Cal Poly, the school where she just graduated from. This is her last week in SLO, because she is moving back up north to go to nursing school in San Francisco. I'm sure she will be visiting often to see Travis though ;) As we were taking pictures we kept hearing the sound of drums, and joked that it sounded like a Native American drum circle. As we turned a corner, we saw them, full headdress and all! You just never know what you're going to find haha. Thanks so much for letting me take pictures of you two, I had so much fun!!!