Handmade book

For my photo expression class, our last assignment of the quarter was to make a handmade book. My first thought, of course, was to make a book based around weddings. After thinking it over, I decided that a good portion of my life is based around weddings so maybe I should do something different. Then I remembered I did a small project last year of my friend Alyx in her room using window light and focusing on her in her enviornment. So for my book I decided to take pictures of all my friends in SLO where they live, one picture of them in their space, and a diptic of things in their space. I photographed couples who lived together, like the self-portrait of me & Adam and our 2 other couple friends since they share the same place. It was a fun project, really trying to take pictures of things that represent who my friends are. I thought this would be a cool keepsake and make a great coffee table book! Here are all the pages to my book, titledĀ SPACES

Adam & I :)