Emily & Chris married! Paso Robles, CA {Zenaida Cellars}

As if I'm not busy enough, I decided to spend my only free Saturday (only free Saturday until October that is), second shooting a wedding with the wonderful Jen Rodriguez at Zenaida Cellars. She is a good friend of mine, and when she was looking for a second shooter I jumped at the chance to work together because I just knew how much fun we'd have!

This wedding was super fun!! An awesome bride & groom and their family & friends equals a super good time! The bride rapped the song W.T.P. by Eminem as well as did the Dougie along with many other guests. Everyone danced until the very last song, busting their dance moves and working it for the camera!

PS. A bug fell down the back of my shirt, I freaked out, couldn't get it out and I couldn't find Jen at that moment. I contemplated asking a random guest to help me, then wound up just shaking my shirt and it fell out the bottom of my shorts. I think I did a little freakout dance and ran away from the bug haha. So embarrassing! 

This is Emily's brother, and sadly his girlfriend couldn't make it to the wedding so they face timed with her before the wedding!

Emily, you are beautiful!

When I shoot with Adam, he is always with the guys capturing them getting ready, so it was fun being able to snap a few of the guys myself this time!

Emily's bridesmaids watched from above as Chris & Emily did their first look!

In love with grey suits! Such an awesome choice!

It was hot & windy outside, so we headed into the barrel room for some pictures!

Their outdoor reception was so beautiful and they had the perfect night time, warm weather!

My favorite picture of the two of them :)

Dear other brides who are having outdoor receptions, A LOT of string lights, lanterns, candles, etc. above the dance floor and reception area will make your pictures look awesome!!! (see below)