Danielle & Scott married! San Luis Obispo, CA {Holland Ranch}

From the bride Danielle: Scott and I were introduced by 2 of our groomsmen (Dan Fitch and Justin Hughes) after their alumni baseball game. Dan and Justin had called me to come down to San Jose and go out with them and a bunch of their friends; Scott being one of their friends. The 2 of us talked all night and had a great time but we were both seeing other people at the time, so nothing came of it. Then a few weeks later Scott tracked me down and asked me out..... Turned out we both had broken things off with the people were seeing. We have been together ever since!
I was having a horrible day at work and was very grumpy by the time I got home. When I opened the front door Scott cued Garth Brooks To Make You Feel My Love. There were candles and roses everywhere; he lead me to a stool then he got down on one knee. Later I found out he video taped the whole thing! Which is great because I didn't remember anything he had said! :) Afterwards we popped champagne and called our families. Then he said I had an appointment and we had to go. He had booked me a manicure because he knew everyone would be looking at my hand and I hadn't had one in a while! Later we went to dinner with our families. It was so simple but so thoughtful! I loved it!

Vendors: Holland Ranch // Twigss Floral Studio // Kramer Events // Cake Cathedral // Guest House Catering // Sammy Williams Hair & Makeup // Jenn Hix (makeup) //

I love her bridesmaids all crying in the picture on the right. So sweet!

Loving this picture of the two of them!

(this picture below is a film image captured on our Contax 645, taken by Adam)

(this picture below is a film image captured on our Contax 645, taken by Adam)