Alyx & Stephen!! San Luis Obispo, CA

I've been wanting to take pictures of these two for a while now, but since Stephen doesn't live here it makes it hard to find a time. He came up this weekend to visit Alyx for Valentine's Day and she texted me Friday asking to do pictures! I was beyond excited and of course found time this weekend to do them :) We wound up going to a cool new location that I'd never been before, and was told to go check it out by some friends. I will for sure be returning here for future shoots! Alyx had sent me some posing ideas and told me she was bringing a knitted blanket that her grandma made for her. I love when people have some special ideas of their own. Basically Alyx and Stephen are awesome, cute, and make each other laugh; what more could you ask for?! ;)  For Valentine's Day, Stephen bought Alyx a necklace that has an S, an A, and a turquoise piece on it and she wore it for the shoot! And for everyone who has asked, the necklace is from Stella and Dot! Check out their barn shoot which was featured on Sparkle & Hay!