Jon & Megan married! Meeks Bay, CA {Destination Wedding}

Megan & Jon were married on Friday at the lovely Meeks Bay Resort & Marina in Tahoe. This is Adam & my second wedding in Tahoe this year, and it was equally awesome as the last one! I've known Megan & Jon for about a year now, so this wedding was really exciting for me to be photographing. I was able to see some clients of mine, Kyrie & Craig, which was super fun too. Megan & Jon's wedding was camping chic, with a water front ceremony and camp ground reception. It was laid back and fun just like the two of them :) They made simplicity beautiful, and everyone there had a great time.

Adam photographed the guys taking a swim and hanging out in the lake before the wedding!

They opted for a "First Look," meaning they saw each other before the ceremony, which I love! I highly recommend it because it keeps the stress down, helps the day flow smoother, and we get some great candids of the two of you!

Jon spotted an awesome boat across the dock and ran over to ask the boat owner if they could hop in for a few quick pictures. The man kindly said yes, and Jon couldn't have been happier!


All the wedding guests stood and watched these two love birds tie the knot in the short but sweet ceremony!

The reception decor was simple, yet beautiful. They gathered brown picnic tables from around the campground and used pinecones and pine needles along with glass vases that held fruit, flowers, and a floating candle as centerpieces.

Their first dance. Such a beautiful area for dancing!

The M&M's have their faces on them! TOO cuuuute!!

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Florist: J & S Flowers