Sara & Vince's 1 year anniversary! Pismo Beach, CA

Sara is one of my best friends, so this photoshoot is an extra special one. They got married about 1 year ago at the courthouse before Vince was deployed. These two are having a big wedding style party this August to celebrate their love with their friends & family. So it was only fitting to do engagement style pictures too, which just happened to fall near their 1 year anniversary :) I've been close friends with Sara since freshman year of high school, about 9 years ago. She was the first new friend I made at Amador, and I'm so thankful I worked up the courage to introduce myself to her that day in PE :) My mom told me, just say hi to someone and they will say hi back, and Sara was that person. She was the first of my best friends to be married, and I'm so excited to celebrate their love this summer! 

One of my favorites!!

Favorite picture!!

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