Cristina & Max married! Walnut Grove, CA

They first met through mutal friends at a show Max's band was performing at. Almost a year later they came into contact again. As it turns out, they shared many of the same friends. Cristina and Max both knew very quickly that they were falling in love.

Christmas Eve every year, Max's mom throws a wonderful holiday party. This is the day they normally do Christmas together. That year (2011) like always the two of them got together to exchange gifts. They did presents first, which was unusual, and then stockings last. In the bottom of Cristina's stocking there was a little box which read, " From: Me To: You". Before she could open it Max told her I had to stand up first, which even then didn't strike me her unusual. Only when he moved to get onto his knee did she realize what was happening. He said, "I didn't asked for anything thing this year, because all I want is you. Will you marry me?" At first Cristina could only nod and make some kind of affirmitive noise. And of course then her answer was, "Of course!"

Cristina & Max were married at Grand Island Mansion in Walnut Grove on a beautiful and warm April day. They are such a fun, funky couple and this venue was perfect for them! You must check out the bridesmaids amazing gold dresses and the beautiful flowers by my amazing friend Addison of Twigss Floral Studio!! I'm so glad to have been part of their wedding, because I have adored this couple since the day I met them at our halloween inspiration shoot! Check out their engagement session here!
Vendors: Twiggs Floral Studio // Megan Bigelow (cake) // Paradise Sounds DJ // The Dirty Hand Family Band // Naomi Orcutt (hair) // Christina Miliusis (makeup) //
Love this ceremony shot Adam captured:
Love this moment Adam captured after the ceremony: