Julia & Craig got engaged! Bodega Bay, CA

Craig & I had been discussing their proposal for a few weeks now. He asked me when I was available to come hide in a bush to go unnoticed and photograph their proposal. I said Sunday June 30 was my only free weekend day in June, and luckily that day worked for him. As the days got closer, he decided it would be easier if I was just there hanging out with them, with my camera (which as we all know is normal since I carry a camera everywhere with me) instead of being hidden. So that day Julia & Craig headed to Petaluma to go to breweries since they both really like beer. I had to photograph a bridal shower in Morgan Hill in the early afternoon, so Adam & I drove up later & met them for dinner at a brewery. Our good friend Zach also came too! We had dinner, got ice cream, roamed around downtown Petaluma, and then finally we drove 40 minutes up to Bodega Bay to a spot that Craig had "never been before." Yet he'd actually scoped it out last Sunday without Julia knowing, and then had his dad play it off like he told Craig about the spot last week. Julia & Craig had picked out her ring a little while back, but she had yet to see it since the center diamond was added, and like she told me last week, she didn't think the ring had come in yet. Oh how I love surprises!! Keep scrolling down to see the full proposal...

The Friday before, I took Julia shopping (which isn't unusual since I love shopping and I love picking out clothes for her haha). She found these super cute shorts and shirt, and I told her that she really should wear her new outfit on Sunday since we'd probably be taking a lot of pictures ;)

So our plan was for me to ask Craig to take a picture of me & Adam, and then I'd take a picture of Julia & Craig after....

So I took their picture, and then he told julia he had to ask her a question...

He slyly reached into his pocket...

And got down on one knee and proposed to my best friend with the exact ring she wanted!!!

She then of course said YES, and then asked if she could put the ring on haha

She said she was so surprised that Craig was proposing that day because me, Adam, and our friend Zach were all there. She told craig earlier, "Danielle & Adam are so nice to drive up to Petaluma after having to go to Morgan Hill earlier that day." And Zach drove almost 2 hours to get there as well, and she said, "People really must like going places." haha I love how she had no idea that Sunday was the day!!

Craig is a welder, so he welded this custom ring box for her and even made the insides as well, in Julia's favorite color, purple.

I caught Julia looking at her ring ;)

This is me & my best friend:

The boys!!! Zach, Craig, & Adam:

The drive home!