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Michaela + McCann's Pastel, Floral Print Carmel Wedding //

Venue: Holman Ranch // Wedding coordination: Engaged & Inspired // Floral design: Michelle Lywood // Hair & makeup: Lindsay Dabalos // Rentals: Forage Vintage Rentals // Invitations: Minted // Cake: I Do Wedding Cakes // DJ: Jon Belmont Entertainment // Catering: Paradise Catering // Calligraphy: Grace Line Art // Film scans by Photovision //

From the Bride, Michaela: There were so many special aspects to our day. From little details, our ceremony uniting us as one, the amazingly touching and hilarious speeches made by our maid of honor, best man and my dad — everything was so memorable and important to us. It was equally important to us to honor a very special person who sadly didn’t get to see us be married. My husband’s father passed away last January, so we wanted to honor his memory. We had my grandmother sew a heart-shaped piece of one of his favorite shirts onto two hankies. One for me and one for McCann. The hanky I carried was my great, great grandmother’s hanky that she used on her wedding day many, many years ago. My grandma embroidered McCann’s dad’s initials on them and he carried his in his pocket, while I tied mine around my bouquet. It was our something borrowed and something blue. A way tangible to remember his dad and how much he meant to us.

Our ceremony was another important part of our day. We chose to wash each other’s feet, showing one another that we promise to love and serve the other person, just has God has loved and served us.

Some other fun touches included customized cornhole bean bags with our monograms, our delicious apple raspberry jam favors (we met in an apple orchard!), the comfy vignette seating we created outside of the dancing barn complete with blankets and pillows, our amazingly talented DJ who kept the beats rollin’ all night (the dance floor was literally never empty!) and the glow sticks we passed out at our reception, and our interactive polaroid camera guest book. What a FUN day, which we will remember for years to come.

Advice for brides: Once the day has arrived, just rest. Know that you’ve done everything you can to plan your beautiful celebration of marriage. Relax and let the professionals (and your bridal party!) take it from there. The only thing that truly matters is the fact that you are getting married! So celebrate that, take time during the day to take deep breaths and take it all in. I did lots of “this is my wedding day!”while just looking around the reception taking in the joy and beauty.

Practical advice for your wedding: hire a planner or coordinator. Just do it! It makes your life SO much easier. Our wedding flowed so well because of this. Also, find an amazing photographer and videographer. These are the only tangible memories of your day, so be sure you love the work of whomever you choose.

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Lauren & Patrick married // Carmel, CA

Venue: Holman Ranch // Wedding Planning & Design: Engaged & Inspired // Hair and Makeup: The Hair & Makeup Company // Florist: Mandolin Flowers // DJ: Jonathan Belmont // Caterer: Paradise Catering // Videographer: Frame 44 Weddings // Calligraphy: Curli Cue Designs // Invitations: Aerialist Press // Film scans by Photovision //

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Lauren & Patrick engaged // San Jose, CA

These 2, plus their 3 adorable & well behaved dogs, made my job so easy and enjoyable. I can't wait to see them again for their wedding on my birthday (September 27) at Holman Ranch with Engaged & Inspired :) 

Film scans by Photovision //

Meg & Brandon engaged // Avila Beach, CA

These two were down for anything, I loved it! I can't wait for their Holman Ranch wedding in June!

Film scans by Photovision //

Danielle Poff Workshop // Carmel, CA

Danielle Poff Workshop // Carmel, CA

My recent workshop in Carmel was amazing!!! 6 lovely ladies came out to spend the day learning, shooting, and taking their business to the next level. Want to attend my next workshop? Email me (party@the-poffs.com) and I'll add you to the email list. My next workshop is coming in April 2015!!! Big thanks to our amazing vendors and my couple Jessica and Chris who came out and modeled for us.

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Lisl & Andrew married! Carmel, CA {The Holly Farm}

From the bride Lisl,"Andrew and I met in Winter 2008 at a Sigma Chi (his fraternity) party off campus, called Wild at the Waterfront. I was a young freshman and he was a sophomore at University of the Pacific. I attended the party with all my friends and I remember seeing him a few times throughout the party. He seemed to be the guy everyone wanted to hang out with, he had big, thick hair and he was cute. Unfortunately for me, he came to the party with another girl. The night went on and we ended up dancing. Needless to say the girl he came with wasn't too happy with this, but we danced on through the rest of the evening and we were both smitten. A few weeks later we were invited by some sorority girls, who were trying to recruit us to their house, invited us over to a party in a fraternity boys room at Sigma Chi. It was Andrew's room. My friends knew I was interested, so they tried a few tricks to get us together. Jackie, my best friend, spilled on her shirt so asked to borrow one of Andrews to go home in. She let me be the one to 'return' it to him. I returned the shirt, and we stayed and talked for hours. That was that. We dated a few years in college, went our separate ways my senior year in college since I was in Barcelona, traveling and then heading home to Seattle after school (he on the opposite side of the West Coast in San Diego). Long distance wasn't really something we wanted to do in that time in our lives. We stayed friends, talked often. Then I moved to San Francisco shortly after school; Andrew was still in SD. In November 2009 a friend of ours passed away. Andrew and I saw each other at the funeral and something sparked again. 2 months later, on a trip in Jackson Hole Wyoming with his family, Andrew called me at the top of a mountain off the ski chair lift to announce that he was quitting his job in SD to move to San Francisco. He moved there in May 2010, and we've been together ever since."

"It rained on the Thursay we were supposed to on on our ‘walk’ after work; Thursday November 8, 2012. I hadn’t heard from Andrew at around 3, so I assumed it was off. It stopped raining and he texted me asking if I was still down to go on a walk. Apparently his day was super busy and he didn’t think the walk was going to work out, hence the delay in text. He then called around six to confirm the walk and told me to meet him at Mollie Stones to get sandwiches. Then we got in his car and drove down to the parking area near Fort Point. It was dark with a few street lights and you could hear the water. It stopped raining about an hour before so the night was spectacularly clear and clean. You could see Sausalito, SF, the whole skyline from there. We ate our sandwiches and chatted while sipping on sparkling water, which for us is typical. Zipped up in our fleeces, also typical, and we just kinda cuddled and enjoyed each others company. As our little picnic was winding down, Andrew started getting a little smoochy and I got a little suspicious but I quickly dismissed that because we were supposed to go to Santa Barbara over the weekend, and if a proposal were to happen—I was convinced it would be then and not on a SCHOOL NIGHT. We started taking cute pictures of each other and then some together, just goofing off. Finally he told me to stand up and take a picture of me standing and facing the bridge like I’m the ‘king of the world’ with my arms out. Essentially he just needed me to turn around, and this was his clever way of doing it. I did the pose and he took the picture of me on his phone, when I turned around he was right there, on one knee with a little red box. My heart shook and I had an immediate grin on my face. He had a few brief words about how he moved to San Francisco and he knew that he wanted to be with me forever and that he loved me. It was short but oh so sweet. Then he asked me to marry him and I said YES, a few times actually, while losing breathe. Then I got teary and he got extra grinny. We kissed and we hugged and he put the ring on my finger."

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Vendors: The Holly Farm // Laughin' Gal Floral // Edith Meyer Organics // Chocolate Sound // La Creme Catering // Chic Event Rentals // Kim Larson Bridal // Sam Leabo (video) // Live Image Photo Booth //

I love all of the guys getting ready pictures Adam captured of Andrew and his groomsmen:

(this image below is a film image captured on our Contax 645, taken by Adam)

love the angle Adam got of Lisl's dad giving his toast: